Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ventura College Spring 2012 Cardboard Chair Project

Have you ever seen chairs made out of cardboard? My sculpture students did a fabulous job of making one-of-a-kind, unique cardboard chairs. They were instructed to only use cardboard, any type of adhesive, and paint (optional). This year the range of designs covered a stool all the way to the electric chair!  One chair had a cup holder for convenience. Others were created with a specific functional purpose in mind. Others incorporated mathematics into the design. See for yourself.

Pat Kuhn, Alejandro G. Paz, Martin Delgado

Pat Kuhn's Design
Stephanie Gonzalez, Braeden Ayub, Billie-Jean Varela
Ryan Perl and Tod Wellington
Lindsay Passquotto and Sean Chieze
Justin Martinez and Samuel Dutter
Valerie Stack
Chris Barker, Ermelinda Bendy, Abra Dumond
Sean Chieze's box chair
Abra Dumond's 9 flowers chair
Braeden Ayub's lazy boy with cup holder
Justin Marinzez's festively colored chair
a demonstration of durability
Lindsay Pasquotto's lounge chair (comfy!)
Alejandro's music chair
Ermelinda Bendy's Asian inspired chair
Ryan Stack's chair composited 40 cardboard tubes -
solid and sturdy. He also included robotic design on the surface.
Sam Dutter's one page cardboard stool without any glue. What a great idea!
Valerie Stack's movie inspired electric chair
Tod Wellington's solid constructionr stool
Pat Kuhn's Mathematics Chair
Billie-Jean Varela's abstract Chair
Stephanie Gonzalez' beautiful construction. An incredible amount of detail went into this chair.
The chair is carefully woven together with texture on the side. She also put in a drawer for added function. 

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