Saturday, January 9, 2016

Throw Back 2015

This is a review of 2015 students work. Looking forward for 2016 to come!!

Ceramics in All Levels

Daniel Webster

Jordan Hildebrand

Mariko Catalanotto

Alan Shattuck

Megan Petree

Marcos Arana

Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster

Vladimir Nazaryan

Vladimir Nazaryan

Vladimir Nazaryan

Vladimir Nazaryan
Steven Dunning

Dylan Gasaway

Dylan Gasaway

Ashley Goodman

Sculpture Student's Projects

Eric Swain and Marybeth Mazurek

Elyse Geer and Lauren Osborne

Elyse Geer

Elyse Geer
Stacey Ayer

Deon Clark

Martin Perez

Mieriam Jantz

Brittany Mosqueda

Leticia Lane

Sonya Nichols
Before Surface Treatment
Denny D'Auria

Rachel Kromka and Keith Olds

Lai Chiu and I

Beginning Ceramics Classes

Beginning Ceramics students self-portrait project, Fall 2013

Beginning Ceramcis II

The project is encouraged students to use potters wheel to crate cups that have has sense of unity. Beth Lovett topic is Pryer vs. Predator.

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Fall 2013 Sculpture class

Subtractive Sculpture - Stone Carving

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