Monday, January 14, 2013

Ventura College Ceramics Student Work

Fall 2012 was another great semester for my Ventura College ceramics students. They used pinch, coil, slab and wheel techniques to create their amazing work. Each project was designed with specific techniques and goals in mind. They all did a great job with it.

Steven Dunning

Stacy Wilson

Vanessa Andrade

Elvira Cortez

Melissa Andrade

Travis Chamness

Maria Hernandez

Taylor Holden

Hailey Bartlett

Donald Peterson

Roman Barnes

Dominique Martinez

Justin Wyche

Jessica Renteria

Rogelio Lemus

Jennifer Rudolph

Jennifer Rudolph
Lid Jar

Chelsea Davy

Eddie Baez

Fall 2012 Cardboard Chair Project

It's time for the chair - Cardboard Chair again. This Fall 2012 semester students focused on the design and aesthetics of their chair.   They used various materials - boxes, tubes, fabric, and paints to complete their projects.

Kevin Garvey - concentrating on his Aztec throne chair design

David Baker - a retired aircraft mechanic - translated his field skilsl from metal and welding to cardboard and glue
Lisa Toft - a fashion major translates her skills to a stiffer material to create her magic

Nicholas Yates - The Thinker's chair - simple but effective
Nicholas Ya

 David Baker - Mechanic Chair
This is a well constructed chair designed for his little one. Because the chair is so well constructed  it's able to hold adults as well. One size fits all. Good job David. 

Thomas Larsen creates a multi function chair 

Jasmine Perez with her repeating shape "various sizes of squares" to create her beautiful stool

Omar Espinosa designed a mobile suitcase chair that can travel anywhere and can simply open and close from a very compact size. What a space saving idea!! Great work!

Luis Alvarez
His chair reflects his culture and childhood.  He incorporated black and red colors to represent power and to enhance his design. 

Shannon Wiley designed her chair to store her prints and posters from work. The touch of green  in her chair connects her  to nature while sitting in her well balanced design.  Nice job!!
Raeanna Olivares-Hartman - a luxury chair that has a backing filled with foam to support the back. How thoughtful!
Jennifer Rudolph - detail crafted with hint of royal symbolism on the side of arm rest. 

Carlos Coronado - simple yet elegant design. The chair can flatten and re-assemble anywhere the artist takes it. 

Lisa Toft - duel seats that can be shared with a friend or loved one. The backrest is woven with a deep red rebbin.  

Nicole Hernandez - mushroom chair  with an Alice of Wonderland feel. 

Our Chair on a chair (thanks, Bob)

Kevin Garvey - his chair is based on a Myan emperor's chair. He also brought in a print out for show and tell. 

Raeanna Olivares-Hartman with a simple repetitive design created this beautiful chair. 

Colby Hines 

Colby's chair is made of 70+ tubes. He then used clear tape to tape them all together. He added a the cushion for added confort. 

Colby Hines' chair - detail

Marissa Nunez - the red painted chair. Love the color.
More detail of Luis Alvarez's chair

Class critiques

Thomas Larsen - his chair is weighted on modern design more than comfort. Looks great!

Class critique

Class critique

Jennifer introducing her chair

Nicholas Yates' thinker chair

Jennifer Rudolph's chair - detail

Nicole Hernandez
Tracy Vaughn

Jasmine Perez's stool is made out of various sized rectangles 
Chance Noble - his multiple functionality chair can be used in different positions.

Chance Noble's chair used 60+ cardboard shapes to create his chair

Artist with his chair