Monday, November 14, 2011

Ventura College Art - Addiction in Art

"Addiction in Art" enjoyed a well-attended, one night showing in the Oxnard Art Beat Gallery in Oxnard, CA.  Curated by Ventura College 3D instructor and artist Jenchi Wu, this show was a collaboration between Ventura College art instructors and their students. As artists and educators, the passion, drive, belief and dedication for creating works of art influences our daily teaching. Students absorb information from their instructors and reflect it on to their own work. This creates a thread between student and instructor. This exhibition showcased  instructors Julie Dahl-Nicolle, Michelle Onstot, Catherine Day, Pam Huth, Bob Moskowitz, and their students' works. The exhibition included drawings, portraits, paintings, prints, ceramics, and sculpture.   

Special thanks to Megan Petree for providing her beautiful voice and guitar playing to the evening, and Mitchel Wu Photography for capturing images from the event.