Monday, February 28, 2011

Jenchi Wu at the Atkinson Gallery

Some photos from VC Ceramic Instructor Jenchi Wu's ceramic installation at the Atkinson Gallery located on the Santa Barbara Community College campus. Despite the stormy weather the reception enjoyed an amazing turnout.

Please stop by to check it out - it runs through March 25, 2011. 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93109

Cluster detail

From left - Cluster, Deltitnu, Balance, Rebirth

From left - Rebirth, Duality, DNA, nonconForm

From left - Prop, Cluster, Balance, Deltitnu

From left - Rebirth, DNA, Duality, nonconForm

Jenchi, left and Gallery Director Dane Goodman

From left - Prop, Balance, Cluster

Jenchi Wu with Deltitnu

Cluster detail

Dane Goodman and Jenchi Wu

Deltitnu detail


DNA (Don't Nudge Art)

Cluster detail

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Atkinson Gallery Installation - Jenchi Wu

Here are a few photos of the prep we did for my installation at the Atkinson Gallery. Thanks to everyone who helped - Dane, Chris, Alan, Jeff, Mari, Trevor and Mitch. It was a huge undertaking and a true team effort to accomplish all that we did today.

The opening reception for the show is Friday Feb 25 from 5-7pm at the Atkinson Gallery on the Santa Barbara City College Campus. 721 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara 93109. Stop by if you can - it's going to be an amazing installation.
It took 6 people plus a hand-operated fork lift to lift this 300+ pound sculpture into position. It consists of a solid ceramic cube that rests atop a tree trunk.

Mari, Jenchi and Trevor prepare "Duality" for the clay slip (liquid clay).

Jeff lays down extruded clay to form a dam that will hold in the clay slip.

Pouring white clay slip during the installation of "Duality."

Pouring brown slip during the  installation of  "Duality."

When the clay slip dries it will take on the appearance of a dried lake bed... buckled and cracked.

Smoothing the slip.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ventura College 3D - More Beginning Sculpture

Some recent beginning sculpture student work:

Alondra Jimenez - Self-portrait

Meredith McCormick - work in progress

Katya Castro - In memory of her Father

Kaley Drury - Self-portrait

John McCarter - Self-portrait: Free diving

William Greenway

Reda McBride - Self-portrait: "asking me am I dumb"

Justine Jannone - Self-portrait

Danielle Kuhse - Self-portrait: my favorite board games

Thomas McCormick

Meredith McCormick - Self-portrait