Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer 4 weeks section for Ceramics! FAST!

I taught a four weeks summer section this year. It was FAST. We focused on alternative firing which include Raku, Horsehair Raku, naked Raku, Pit firing, Aluminum Foil firing, Black on Black, and Obvara firing in this short section. We also tried some different surface glazing technique and surface decoration. We had a lot of fun!

Bubbles and oxide glazeing

Tyler Brown

After bubbles were gone than glaze it with Ventura White from the lab.

Laura, Noel, Tyler and Jana

Ashley's magic for a successful firing

Beautiful day at Somis!

Ferric Chloride!

Ashley's Pit fire

result of pit fire

Result of Ferric Chloride in Aluminum foil

VC Gang

Obvara firing


More result

Summer 4 weeks section gang

Thanks everyone for my wonderful birthday cake!!

Spring 2016 Ceramics and Suclpture

Another great semester from Ventura College Ceramics and Sculpture students.
First sets are from beginning ceramics students. They did a great job on their first ceramics making ever. Good work!

Meghan Madrid

Noehly Reyes

Lily Huerta

Angelica Garibay-Hernandez

Kendra Christensen

Ray Martin      

Sonya Nichols

Winner - Xananda Wollard 

Martin Perez

Alexander Manning (Wheel thrown composite)

Maria Laura Hendrix

Project is inspired by Chinese Blue on White Porcelain that took over the world of ceramics during 14-16 century. 
Meghan Madrid

Meghan Madrid
Project - Three Cups Six Handles

Tyler Brown

Natalie Gula

 Sculpture Students
Franchesca Mari Amaladhas

Eric Swain

Justin Spears

Rosa De La Rosa

Charles Ward

Eric Swain

NCECA Spring 2016

NCECA 2016 Kansas City

A few students went to NCECA 2016 - Kansas City with me. Here's some highlight of the trip. First we toured the convention center and got some shopping done. Than, we toured Kansas City Art Institute.

VC Gang
Kansas City Art Institute

KCAI ceramics lab

Artists and scholars from Jingdezhen, China

Christ Gustin




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Don't forget Kansas BBQ

Gallery Visit

Museum Visit