Monday, February 6, 2012

Ventura College Beginning Sculpture - Self Portrait

The Spring 2012 Beginning Sculpture Class is having a great start. Students are assigned to use wire, paper mache, plaster cloth, paint and other mixed media to create a representational self-portrait. What  wonderful result! Student portraits were influenced by film makers, comic heroes, chefs and artists. Some students portrayed their self portrait through an abstract or dream like expression. In the end, the outcome is dynamic and thought provoking.

Spring 12 Beginning Sculpture Class

Detail Group works

Martin Delgado - Super Hero
Valerie Stack
(This pillow sculpture express the artist connection with friends and family using photography. The detail of gold string and butterfly adds an accent to the sculpture. )
Abra Dumond
(What a wonderful portrait! Student is using colored yarn to represent her features.)

Justin Martinez - Super Hero
Stephanie Gonzalez
(she used materials collected from her past in her  portrait.)
Alejandro G. Paz
( a self explanatory sculpture)
Ermelinda Bendy
(This is based on the painting she did before. Work in progress.)
Sean Chieze
(Ugly outside but beautiful inside. The student's statement is to never judge based on one's appearence. Inside of the sculpture is a beautiful white bird that lights up.)
William Wellington
(This student loves to cook, his specialty being a mean chicken pesto pizza. He used black and white to give the piece and old time feel.)
Isabella Morones
(She used dried out paint that she collected over the years as the surface treatment.  The open-top represents her openness to accepting and receiving changes.)
Braeden Ayub
(He is a film maker, as you can tell.  Keep an eye out on You Tube. You might see his work.)
Stephanie Gonzalez
Billie-Jean Varela
( Beautiful red head girl - she decorates the sculpture with yarn and feathers.)
Ryan Perl
(The student expresses his love of  nature by depicting a forest and the deep sea with a submarine on his sculpture. Lots of great surface detail! )
Patricia Kuhn
(She photo copied her painting and used it as surface decoration. Upper half of the sculpture has 3 sets of eyes representing her constant observation of her surroundings.)
Alejandro G. Paz
Justin Martinez
Birgit Gros
(This biodegrable sculpture is made from  tree bark and beans. The organic materials gives this sculpture a tribal looking effect. The concept of her sculpture is that  everything has to go back to nature. Be sure to take photos to watch  the project decompose over time.)
Ermelinda Bendy
Jory Russell
(This Lego sculpture represents his passion and love for Legos.)
Sean Chieze 
Samuel Dutter
( To understand this interactive sculpture, one has to put it on  their head.  The concept of this self-portrait is to encourage others to look inside the artist. )
Isabella Morones
William Wellington

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