Friday, February 3, 2012

Ventura College Ceramics - Metamorphosis

There were quite a few interesting Metamorphosis pieces that were created last semester. Students went all out to develop their projects. They did a good job on their concept development, craftsmanship in clay, and execution of glazing techniques. Here are some examples of this project. Well done classes!

Suzanne Xiong
Snow White fairy tale
Alex Rudolph
Cendy Piceno
"Batrat or Ratbat"
Hannah Wilson
Four Seasons
Heather Rilling
Janete Kall Friske (before)
Janete Kall Friske (after)
Marc Patterson
Acorn to pencils
Richard Alcala
Metamorphosis of California Economy
Sky Khom
Brian Byman
Marilee Christy

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