Friday, September 28, 2012

Ventura College Fall Sculpture Class Self-Portrait

Wow!!! I was so impressed with my V25 and V26 sculpture class students this semester. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, gave me all they had to produce this incredible body of work. Students were asked to use chicken wire, paper mache, color paint and any other materials they were able to find to create their self-portrait. Their sculpture MUST have had some sort of interaction with themselves and somehow be a reflection of themselves - wear it, carry it, or hang it on them. The results were outstanding. Good job everyone!!

David Baker

Tom Larsen

Tracy Vaughn

Nicole Hernandez

Chance Noble

Lisa Toft

Gage Shadden

Nicholas Yates

Luis Alvarez

Marissa Nunez

Raeanna Olivares-Hartman

Kevin Garvey

Cesar Arinaga

Jennifer Rudolph

Jasmine Perez

Omar Espinosa

Shannon Wiley

Colby Hines

Carlos Coronado
Elizabeth Rodriguez

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