Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ventura College Art Gallery - Twofold + Subjective Objectivity

The first exhibition of Fall 2012 at Ventura College Art Galleries: New Media Gallery - Subjective Objectivity and Gallery 2 - Twofold. It turned out to be a great exhibition. In the New Media Gallery we have artists - Patsy Cox, Jim Gonzalez, Tom McMillin, Chris Turk.   They and their friends/family joined the celebration on Sept 6th. We also presented Twofold,  a Jenchi Wu ceramic sculpture solo exhibition in Gallery 2. Both shows are exhibiting simultaneously through Oct 19th. For those who showed up at exhibition that night, I sincerely thank you for your support. Don't miss it if you haven't seen them yet.

Subjective Objectivity Opening

Jenchi Wu, Curator
Artists: Patsy Cox, Jim Gonzalez, Joe Mariscal, Tom McMillin, Kevin Myers and Chris Turk
The individuals selected to participate in Subjective Objectivity were chosen because of their strong influence upon me as artists, instructors and mentors. Each has inspired me and shown me different paths to travel down with my thought process as well as my art. Each has a unique way of using clay and seeing the world. And as such, each is able to contribute to and change the world in their own way.


Jenchi Wu
Twofold is an exploration into the perception of ceramics as functional objects, coupled with divergence of ideas of the traditional and contemporary aspects of clay. This includes an ongoing examination into how manipulation, physical force, special relationships, environment, gravity, and nature affect the work.

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