Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project 643 Gallery Space - Million Pieces and Million Dreams

Some photos from Friday night's opening at the 643 Project Space Gallery in Ventura. It is an interactive installation that invites viewers to write their wishes and hopes on a ceramic bowl, turn to a video camera and state their wish, and then heave the bowl at a painted Chinese symbol on the wall, shattering the bowl into a million pieces and thereby gaining a million wishes. The saying came from the artist's Grandfather who used to own a shop in Taiwan that sold ceramic bowls. If the artist accidentally broke a bowl her Grandpa would smile and lovingly tell her "million pieces and million wishes." 100+ bowls were thrown during the opening, which comes to 100 million wishes.

Still a relatively clean gallery floor.

Project Space 643. Thank you Monica and Matt Furmanski.

Ventura College Art Dept Chair and painter extraordinaire, Bob Moskowitz, can throw a bowl with the best of them.

The lovely and talented Marjorie Moskowitz shares her wish before breaking her bowl into a million pieces.

Jenchi states her wish to the video camera.

Artist and uber-talented Ventura College photography instructor Bill Hedricks pitches for a strike.

Where wishes are born.

The moment of impact.

643 Project Space gallery owner Monica Furmanski about to claim one million wishes.

100+ shattered bowls.

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