Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cardboard Chair Spring 2011

Cardboard Chairs Project 
Students are working hard this semester. They built their personal chair in 3 class periods. I'm very proud of them. Good job class! You can see them in person next Thursday, 4/14/11 at the Student Show 7pm - 9 pm. Everyone is invited.

Noel Adams' Stool

Danielle Kuhse's Toddler Chair

John McCarter's Surfer Chair

Justine Jannone's Comfort Bench 

Katya Castro Alternative Heart Chair

Meredith McCormick Forest Chair

Nicholas Tapia's Minimal Stool

Noel Adams' Personal Stool

Norton Hatfield Beach Chair

Rita McBrid's Sketch Stool

Robert Whiteside's Shoes Stool

April Mathewson's Lounge Chair

Thomas McCormick's Sun Chair

Austin Enoch Low Riser

Natasha Glavin's Stool

Chairs on the Lawn 

Kaley Drury's Chair

Melaine Gagne's Chair in Progress

Natasha Glavin and her Stool

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