Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fall 2010, Beginning Sculpture Students' Work

Here are my sculpture students' art work from last Fall 2010.

Material Matters - This assignment illustrates the possible implication of material and its relationship with form and meaning. Students have to think about an object from their childhood that had an impact and influence on who they are today.

Alondra Jimenez
Alondra grew up with Hello Kitty. Much of what she owns relates to Hello Kitty. She cleverly used a piggy bank to create iconic images which also brought out some irony. 

Jose Hernandez
Shoes had a huge impact on Jose's life. Interesting use of materials.

Justin Homze
He talked about how his religion has changed his perspective and outlook after he became an adult. 

Installation - Collaborative Projects
Students worked together in groups to create a site-specific installation that deals with the space.

Where's my car - Posted Notes ? - Sheaton Brice, Kelli Connelly, Daniel Sandelin, Meghan Sheetz collaboration project

Look Out! - Patricia Miles, Tigran Matevosyan, Monica Chairez

Universe - Gary Rodriguez

Bob Marley - Justin Homze, Sherry McFall, Alondra Jimenez


  1. Great works, must be inspired by a great teacher! 2 thumbs way up!!!!!

  2. I love them all but the "Look Out!" have to be my favorites. Can't stop from smiling!